LTC International BV sells LTC Blasting Machines and accessories . In addition, LTC International and accessories .

Rental Service

Next to a large rental fleet of LTC vacuum blasting machines, all necessary air compressors, accessories and side equipment are available for rental. This (inter)national rental service is available through our rental company Indurent® which is located on the same address.


LTC International believes service is very important, both during the advice,the sales and implementation process. We are available by telephone number  078-641 80 50.

Trail blasting and blasting demonstrations
If you share the details of your application, we can advise which blasting technique and model LTC vacuum blasting machines from our range of our vacuum blasting equipment will be best for you. Our advise is based on almost 25 years experience in engineering, manufacturing and selling vacuum blasting equipment. All LTC machines are thoroughly tested in real applications on all kind of surfaces to be treated.

However, if you have doubts about the efficiency of LTC vacuum blasting in your specific application, we are able to demonstrate our products and necessary accessories at our premises, witnessed by you. An end-users and applications reference-list is available on request.

Each LTC vacuum blasting machine is supplied with an easy to understand operation and maintenance manual containing all necessary technical information and handling instructions.

As an additional service, we can train and instruct your sales and work force to make sure that you will make use of all the benefits and features of LTC vacuum blasting machines.


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