Production processes

In order to increase the surface quality, production speed and reliability as well as the reduction of costs, LTC Vacuum blasting machine are more and more used in existing and new production blasting processes. Over the past years, many LTC Vacuum blasting machines have found their position in various manufacturing processes. In addition, LTC International has a broad and extensive experience in integrating LTC Vacuum blasting technique in various industries. One can find LTC equipment in the onshore and offshore works, in and outdoor job sides, as well as mobile and stationary applications.

Steel construction works and weld seams

There are increasing demands on the process of material surface treatment before these surfaces are coated, cladded or further processed. Due to the availability of a large variety of machine accessories, LTC Vacuum blasting equipment can be used in a wide range of blasting jobs for welding and finishing structural components on fixed installations, indoors or outdoors, on land and at sea.

Decoration and cleaning

A smaller and less well known market of LTC Vacuum blasting machines is located in the decorative and cleaning sector. The mobile vacuum blasting units may in particular be used in locations where objects cannot or shouldn’t be moved and nuisance caused by open blasting is not accepted.
On location, LTC machines ideal suitable for matting of glass, roughening stone floors, stairs and walls, cleaning and lettering of columns and gravestones.

Façade cleaning and concrete restoration work

With the aid of LTC vacuum blasting machines various façade cleaning and concrete restoration work can be carried out. The applicability of many types of specific abrasives, the wide setting options of blasting pressure (1-8 bar), the applicability of very long hose lengths and the very clean method of working, make it possible to clean/roughening, concrete floors, natural stone, stairs and façades, removing painted line markings and graffiti.

Metal flame spraying, metallizing and rubber cladding

In the flame spraying , paper, plastic film and rubber industry LTC blasting machines are used for processing, cleaning and roughing of cylinder rods, roller and calendar rolls. The main advantages are; no transport of structural components by outsourcing work, planning flexibility , consistent high quality and reproducible speed and applicable into most production processes.

Petrochemical plants

LTC Vacuum blasting machines often find their application on the maintenance side of the petrochemical industry. The quality of containment achieved by LTC machines avoids interference of nearby work processes and assures a non-hazardous and greatly improved environment for workers. Due to the extendable length of blast hose sets , working at great heights is possible using LTC Vacuum blasting machines.

On- and offshore oil and gas production pipe lines

Guaranteed by a high production speed, high operating reliability and sustainable construction, the customer specific machines are often used in the construction and production of oil, water and gas installations worldwide. Over 15 years of experience in the most demanding industries, LTC vacuum blasting machines have proven their services.

Shipping and offshore industry

LTC Vacuum blasting machines are used for maintenance, inspection and repair work in the shipping and offshore industry. Grit blasting jobs are carried out on offshore platforms, helicopter decks, petrochemical offshore installations, wind turbines at sea, vessels , bridges and ship-locks, barges and ferries. Due to the robust and balanced construction, LTC equipment are easy to operate and have high operating reliability, even in offshore circumstances.

Tank construction, maintenance and inspection work


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