Since 1985, LTC International BV manufactures, offers, rents and services Vacuum Blasting Machines, auxiliary equipment and accessories.

LTC International BV has grown into a leading, innovative and service company that manufactures, offers, rent and maintenance a complete range of vacuum blasting machines since 1985.

Our success , in addition to our reliable products, partly due to the wish to invest in a long and solid relationship with our customers. LTC International BV stands for consistent quality and care for the environment. We always keep looking for innovative products and techniques.

Vacuum Blasting

LTC International BV has a wide range of vacuum blasting machines that are designed to work radius of all sizes . In addition to the sale and rental of LTC -blasting machines , we also provide the necessary air , compressed air equipment and abrasives . This gives us the ability to offer a complete installation for blasting . Please find below the benefits of our LTC Vacuum Blasting Machines:

  • Our machines are environmentally friendly and free of dust and therefore at any location (inside and outside ) can be used without special preparation;
  • The cost of blasting agent and the abrasive waste be kept to a minimum, as a LTC Blasting machine cleans the blasting agent and re-used;
  • One can work without special protective clothing.

All this makes the blasting with an LTC Blasting Machine economically.

Blasting Technique

LTC International BV is a specialized company that is working daily jet technology. Over the years we have developed a blasting technique to shot-blasting. This vacuum jet technique uses specially developed blasting machines based on continuous reuse of high quality abrasives. Due to the unique operation LTC vacuum blasting equipment eliminates all dust particles created during blasting – under optimal conditions even up to 99%. This prevents nuisance and disturbance to work in the same space and contributes to a better working environment.


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